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Monthly Archives: February 2013

Defy Biotopical Age Intervention – Triple Action Toner

Why settle for a regular toner when a Triple Action Toner is available? Defy Triple Action Toner first of all transforms dull skin and brightens and evens your skin tone through peptides. It refines and reduces the appearance of large pores through witch hazel. The noni leaf extract in Defy neutralizes free radicals which ages...
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Defy Biotopical Age Intervention – One Step Cleanser

Defy One Step Cleanser makes cleansing your face so much easier. It removes oil, cosmetics and impurities from your whole face, including the sensitive eye area. The gentle formula is natural and plant-based leaving skin feeling clean and revived. Defy One Step Cleanser’s comes in a handy pump bottle. Easy to use, just moisten your...
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Defy Biotopical Age Intervention – Vegan Friendly Skin Care

Despite the wide variety of skin products available, Vegan friendly ones are hard to find. Defy Biotopical Age Intervention System’s ingredients are naturally sourced, vegan friendly, hypoallergenic, paraben free and of course dermatologist tested. Defy is designed for all skin types. Defy Biotopical Age Intervention System was created to defy and combat the root causes of...
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