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Defy Biotopicals Facial Slows the Visible Effects of Time

Defy Age Intervention System helps you improve your skin quality in three healthy steps.

The first step is to PREPARE the skin naturally by using the Defy One Step Cleanser and the Defy Triple Action Toner. The Defy One Step Cleanser removes makeup oil and impurities and cleanses it without over drying through plant-based ingredients. Defy Triple Action Toner through powerful anti-aging biotopicals, reduces the appearance of large pores, evens skin tone and protects skin from free radical damage.

The second step is TREAT using powerful biotopicals. The three products in this step include Defy Face Lifting Night Cream, Defy Age Erasing Serum and Defy Renewing Eye Treatment. All of these products are paraben free, and can be used on all skin types. Ingredients include the plant based ingredients of indian cress, olive leaf extract, noni leaf, gardenia, oat kernel extract and noni seed oil among others.

The third step is AMPLIFY using the Defy Microderm and the Ultraderm treatment devices. The Microderm treatment device comes with different coloured discs depending on your skin’s needs and your skin type. It is designed to remove dead skin cells as well as stimulate blood flow and oxygen to the cells. The result is improved skin tone, the ability for your skin to absorb the Defy Skin Products further improving your skin and it reveals brighter looking skin.

The Defy Ultraderm Therapy Device helps firm and tighten skin as well as remove excess impuritites, oils and dirt. This also allows the Defy Age Intervention Products to go deeper than before.

Defy Age Intervention System can be purchased as a Set or as Individual Products. For best results, start with the whole set and then purchase the individual products as needed. The best way to fight natural aging is with nature.

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